Saturday, 9 February 2008

What a difference the sun makes

Woke to find the sun shining... makes such a difference. Especially after last week when it hailed, rained and tried to snow. I had one task to do... fit the new wing mirror to car. I've had the new wing mirror for 3 weeks, got car manual from work (work in library!), read instructions.... yeah been here before, manual saying how 'easy' it is - NOT. So with a sense of trepidation, manual, tools and new mirror I set forth... and well, it was easy. It was (for once) just like it said: remove cover, prise off cover from door, locate 3 holding nuts, unscrew, remove old mirror, and reverse instructions... by some miracle it all went smoothly. I was truly chuffed with myself. I actually can do more car stuff, could if I wanted and cared to, service the car... I was a driver in the army and they teach you all that stuff. I'm okay at paint jobs, and minor stuff, but there is always that bit/stuff that just needs a mechanic, or rather a workshop. Still at at last car now had two working mirrors, as opposed to one working mirror and one gaffer taped mirror. And if that idiot who likes kicking mirrors off should come near my car... it will be the last thing he does on this earth! We have such an idiot, tho I think he has been frightened off, not by me, but by a nice lady who scared the pants off him when he tried to attack a car in our street... think we may have seen the last of him. That lady kindly knocked on our door to warn me that he was about, and told me who he is, and that (incredibly) she and a few others have reported him to the police, but police refuse to do anything, they say he has 'mental' problems - er, so? He is damaging property, and at same time placing himself at risk, at risk that is of a thumping from someone. Be a different matter if I lived in the posh part of town, then the police would act...

Anyway, decided to take car for a tootle. As I still had some Hobbycraft vouchers left over I drove to Chester. For the first time I managed to get to Hobbycraft without making a wrong turn! The retail park it is situated on is not clearly signposted. Personally I would like to get hold of those responsible for signposting places (by the throat) and point out their OBVIOUS mistakes... Even managed to find a space near the shop! And then off to have a splurge, let's just say I had £60 to spend, if I wished! I didn't think I would actually buy much, I never seem to find what I want in Hobbycraft, they're also on the expensive side. But one hour later I had managed to spend £50. I got: set of post stamps, pack of dual tone pearlescent card, card toppers, ink pads, lovely humming bird stencil, peel offs, scrapbook mat pad, a bogof deal on some pretty ribbons, cat stamp, oval aperture cards plus rub on alphabet set. Did toy with getting more perfect pearls - but price put me off £15.99! You got to be kidding! I've seen same sets at 9.99. Best bit was getting to till.... I'd earned five pounds off my purchases!

Only one thing annoyed me.... on way in I heard a small child crying, a really distressed cry, then spotted mum, followed by truly distressed child. The mother was laughing! Hey! The poor tot was really distressed, she wanted her mum, but this stupid mother found it funny. I nearly blew a gasket. The tot was not having a tantrum, the tears and screams were for real. From somewhere the father appeared, he seemed as upset as I was, and quickly scooped up the little girl. My thoughts were: that Dad and child could havd stayed at home, happy, while mum went off to shop in peace. Why do people drag very small children around shops? My mum would leave us lot at home, either with our aunt/friend/neighbour, so she could shop in peace, and have some well earend time to herself. I just do NOT see the point of dragging little children around shops, they get bored, get tired/hungry, are fed up... and scared. I can remember as a very young child being taken by my mum to get some clothes, she took me to the city, we had to get into a very crowded lift, I felt very frightened and screamed my head off. My mum blamed herself, and she admitted that it had taken a long time for me to calm down, it also put me off getting into a lift for years.

Aside from that upsetting episode, it was a nice day - I hope that little girl is now safely tucked in bed and that her mother does some serious growing up.

But having got to Hobbycraft safely of course it had to go wrong on return journey, and it did, took wrong turn off badly signposted roundabout.... ended up tootling along a windy road, which I knew would eventually lead me back to motorway. One thing really irked me, the denial of Liverpool! All the way back to motorway I saw signs for Runcorn and Manchester, but not Liverpool... they really are a bunch of snobs over the water!

Will be trying out all my new goodies tomorrow.... can't wait

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