Tuesday, 19 February 2008

What day is it?

Think I've lost the plot, couldn't remember if today was Tuesday or Wednesday, or whether I should have been in work! Since I didn't get a call from my boss asking where I was, I figured I must have got it right - it was my day off.

Took myself off for a walk, trying to walk off my sore back - tho it isn't working. Then got the old barnet chopped... what I would really like is to leave my hair at the shop, they cut it and I go back and collect it. I like my hairdresser, Bill, he does a great job, he luckily is not a chatterbox, so no inane conversation, I just get bored with the whole process, do like the hair washing bit tho, girl who does it gives a lovely head massage - and so always gets a nice tip from me!

After the bad news yesterday, got a nice card from a friend who has had a terrible time healthwise since retiring from work, it was good to hear that she is at last on the mend. I'd sent her a RAK card, we were very good mates at work, and I really miss her... Funny, all the people who were at the library when I started have left, or retired, well except for the manager and one other colleague... I do like my current work mates, but have definitely got work day blues, am truly fed up with work... got to do something.

After an amble home, via Morrisons for a bottle of wine - medicinal! Honest, red wine is good for you... Settled down to some earnest crafting, or what I call proper crafting, making a card from scratch, as seen in pic above. Found the template for it in an old magazine, so decided to have a bash. Just felt in the mood to make such a card, was really chuffed with the end result, I did adapt it, they suggested making a rosette, but I couldn't be bothered with that much faffing, so found a large flower. It did take quite a while to put together, but it was really satisfying to make - felt like a 'real' crafter. Funny that I feel more contented now that my stash is mostly in one place, and within easy reach of the kitchen... no more trying to remember where all the bits and bobs are, as in 'are they in...' or 'did I put them...' it all kind of ruined the old flow of creative juices. My plastic drawers are all now properly sorted, so I am HAPPEEEEE! Just need a second set for the scrapbook stuff - oh and to win the lottery, then I can just potter and craft. My little pipe dream... to win just enough to retire from work, buy a nice house, have a proper craft room, oh and first on list is: pay for mum to have her new hip replacement.

I hate seeing her like this, fed up and in so much pain. She won't get the op on the NHS till at least April, new financial year! Mind you had the idiotic physio not messed her around, telling her she didn't need a new hip (if I ever get hold of that phsyio.... grrrrrrr) she may well have her new hip.

Sorry, interrupted my crafting flow... ended up making four cards! Think I may have to alter the slide show, put on what I've been making recently. Will post pics of other cards during week.

One more day of freedom...

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