Friday, 8 February 2008

Yeah tis the weekend!

Bliss, four days off. Really wanted to just roll over and go back to sleep this morning, sadly my 'other' job beckoned, so had to drag myself out of bed. Uggh. But not too bad, at least in my cleaning job I feel valued and respected. But brain was most certainly not in gear, left house drove to house I clean, reached into pocket.... no key!

I enjoy cleaning, well that is doing cleaning for someone else. Sounds daft, but there is a sense of satisfaction in restoring order. I only get the same urge at home every couple of months, then I go bonkers, some need to put things back where they belong. Not that I am a slob, I have to tidy up after each craft session, having no dedicated craft space forces me to be tidy and organised - well only before and after the session, the between bit is chaotic!

I had to make a get well card, and a birthday card... got both done okay, one is done, other is still a work in progress, but did dally with the idea of making a trapeze card. Bought the kit from QVC last year - not one of my best buys. Got same result today - yuck. Think it will be heading for ebay.

Pic - my get well card for a friend on a craft group. Doesn't look like much, scan hasn't done it justice! Just took an aperture card, some sticky jewels, bit of acetate, and some peel offs... sticky gems are really pretty - you can rearrange them, but I'm not that brave.

Other card I was working on is a birthday card, but not yet finished. But did find a good use for some very thin pearlescent prescored cards that I bought by mistake. They are perfect for dry embossing. Don't like them as they are, too thin for me - size wise.... thought at the time I bought them that they were A5! That will teach me to look closer at what I am buying.

Head is bubbling with ideas right now, so a case of transferring what is in my head to card or scrapbooking.

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