Tuesday, 26 February 2008

another day another dollar...

Only way to look at work is as a means towards an end. in other words, it fills up my bank account. It is always worse when you get a new member of staff, they are all eager, keen to learn, while you are fed up, disenchanted and wish to tell them to get out while they can!

To Snooz button... the adorable Boston, in sleep mode! I love how cats sleep, they just - sleep! Ever seen a cat toss and turn.... nooo, they are just too laid back, horizontal in fact. The frame round photo was a serendipity moment! Hated it in its original colour, so attempted to paint it, but it didn't like the paint and rejected it, so what to do? Paper it! The mini paper pad I picked up for less than half price is sure coming in handy. The colours go so well with the cat scrap kit. Again it was a case of less is more, not a lot really you can to with an 8x8 album, you have to keep it simple.

Just indulged in some QVC watching, they had a 3 hour craft show today, all scrapbooking, and where was I? At work! Sods law... last week I was off and nothing on QVC craft wise, this week I'm at work and... typical! But indulged in a crop-a-dile on the video page.... having far too much of a hit and miss experince with my silent setter. Almost bought another album, then remembered I have two empty albums... rest of stuff was a bit too OTT for my taste, or flowery.

Now need to go stretch out the back... it is complaining.


~*DillyDaydream*~ said...


It's the time of year for hating your job and being ill! I can't believe it I've never had this many colds in one winter, and I work with kids! lol

Love the pic! I've got 3 cat's and they all love spreading out like that!

Oh to be a cat! No work, no money worries and no alarm clock!!!

Love your blog!!

Tullavilla said...

Love the lo...your cat is gorgeous :)
Nice to know I'm not the only one who feels like that about my job!