Saturday, 23 February 2008

Who Dunnit?

After a morning at work it was nice to get home and settle into an afternoon of scrapbooking. Have been wanting to scrap this pic since I took it last week. During my Sunday morning walk along the beach I came across this large piece of driftwood (love driftwood) which to me resembled a dismembered torso (or have I been watching TOO much CSI! LOL). Had a page of beach paper (try Kalulu for scrapbook stuff, they have some truly fab papers), tho it was a bit more 'Miami' than Vegas, oh well... tho could always get a Vegas paper.... hmmmm thanks BJ! You just gave me an idea! Well who says you can't scrap a photo twice?

This was easy peasy, cropped the photo, used one of my tearing rulers, but used a craft knife to cut thru photo. Then made the spyglass, just cut a circle from some black card, and then added the handle, next up the wording... wanted red (blood)... not enough letters in my one red set... so, adapt, used red peel off marker to colour some other lettering, then added the flip flops... well they appealed to me!

Took my cat scrapbook into work to show a colleague, she has just lost her little yorkie, I've offered to make her an exploding box of her fave doggie photos, when she is ready, she is a still a bit raw at the moment. Can identify with that, took me a while to get over losing Mufti, she had cancer of the mouth, when I took her to the vet he said that she had about six to nine months to live, there wasn't anything he could do, tho he removed a bad tooth which made her more comfortable. She gamely battled on, she was eating well and still going about her usual lazy routine, was still settling beside me on the chair for her tummy rub... then just three months later she started having problems eating, and wanted to be by herself... I knew what she was trying to tell me, that she'd had enough. I took her to the vet again, he agreed that she was now in a lot of pain and would only live for one or two weeks... he said I could take her home and bring her back on Monday, so I could have one last weekend with her. That was just too much to bear, there was no way I could take her home and endure another 48 hours of watching her suffer, and just knowing that on Monday she would... So I asked him to put her to sleep, and I stayed with her, part of me wishes I hadn't, I can still see her looking up at me as he injected her... I felt horrible. The vet was so kind, he let me stay with her for as long as I wished, no-one would rush me... I spent about five minutes with her, just stroking her. She had been my loyal, irascible, annoying and most loving companion for 16 years, always there in the morning, and impatiently waiting for me to come home from work. I paid the receptionist/nurse (who'd been in the room with me and Mufti), she is a lovely lady, loves animals... the change was 50p, that 50p piece has remained by my bedside ever since. Then I sat in my car and howled, tears just cascading down my cheeks. Mufti came to me at a very low point in my life, I'd just lost my father and two other cats, then in to my life came this little bundle of fur, so cute and oh so pretty, and she refused to give up on me. She'd also become a bit of a celebrity on a Yahoo group I belonged to, I regaled them with tales of Ms Mufti...

Oh, where was I? Oh yes, the cat scrapbook, Ms Mufti is in it, I found a few precious photos of her... they made my colleague smile, she knows I know how she feels right now, and what she is going thru. Her family keep trying to persuade her to get another dog, my advice is not to, not yet, not unless it is meant to be. As I said I'd lost two cats, Mufti arrived as a total surprise, someone had found her, he was going around trying to find who her owners where, when he got to our flat Mufti must have decided that she liked the look of the place and flew out of his arms, up our stair and landed in my lap, one minute I was reading the newspaper, next I was looking down at a little kitten! I honestly think my dad sent her, colour wise she was an amalgam of every cat we'd had as a family down the years, a bit of ginger, white, black, brown... and character wise - she was unique!

Nice memories, which have taken away the nastiness of my morning at work, well the end bit - and they are not worth mentioning, they are not worth one ounce of effort of stress or concern...
Have a nice weekend folks

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