Thursday, 28 February 2008

Week over

Well my working week is now over... have that lovely feeling of.... ahhhhhh. I particularly like every other Thursday, as our manager isn't around, so we can all relax.

Weather was kind as well, a lovely spring like day, quite warm. I got a new jacket, £20! Summer weight, just what I was looking for. And more bags of rosy apples from M&S, we're addicted to them at work, oh, not the 'real' rosy apples, but old fashioned sweets. I bought some last week, now everyone is hooked on them - LOL.

Before I get to pic, want to mention my determinations: to visit more blogs and leave comments, and put more links to blogs on my blog. Always nice getting comments, and I have been very remiss in not leaving any on other blogs, so I am determined to mend my ways! And sorry if I don't leave comments on cards on the CB site, in spite of all my efforts I still can't see many of the images, I can see those uploaded from flckr and other photo sites, but as for others... nowt! If someone has a blog I nip to that and see if you've put a photo on there, and if so then I do my bestest to go back and leave my comment.

Also nice to find a big white envelope on return home from work, first instalment of my prize - a years sub to LMC! I like nice suprises, and it really was a nice surprise. Hadn't seen the new issue, so it made it doubly nice. And lots of lovely goodies to play with tomorrow.

Pic is of my sister's eldest son Mike, as he now likes to be called. He was about 3 or 4 in the photos, my sister had come to visit, and so I took Mike and his sister out on to the field at the bottom of our street, Mike just ran around giggling. Then he came back and niftily plonked himself in the chair his grandmother had just vacated. He'd had a really rough time, lots of operations, he couldn't talk properly, and it was becoming clear that he would be in for a lot more ops on his jaw, and would have to have his teeth sorted out. But it never bothered him, he just carried on in his own way - making us all laugh. Just found a photo of my brother's son at his confirmation, complete with cheeky grin - looking forward to scapping that.

Thanks for the comments folks, I love reading all the blogs and viewing your fab photos.

I'm also adding more blogs to my favourites.

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Tassie said...

Great work!

There's a surprise for you on my blog!!!