Monday, 18 February 2008

Monday Blues

Well in spite of it being another sunny day, I felt distinctly down, partly because of the hassle with Design Master, wishing now I'd not bothered buying it. I've never had such a fuss with installing a program. Went onto a well known web site for scrappers and it seems I am not alone, others have had similar problems. I'm trying my best to be nice to Graphtec, but frankly the patience is wearing thin. Also learned that you cannot sell the software if you get fed up with it, you are basically lumbered with it. I know the usual rules regarding software is that you may sell it, providing you remove it first from your own hard drive, and any licence files must be passed onto the new owner. Had I known this I wouldn't have bought DM. I've been looking at a few other programs that will work with the robo, Funtime and KNK... both are on the expensive side, but they do come with all the necessary files. In meantime I'll just cope with the ordinarly robo program.

Went for a walk and bumped into a colleague, she works at another library, but we used to be based at the same library a couple of years ago, she had bad news, her mum had died last week. Felt really sorry for her, her mum hasn't been well for sometime and also had dementia. Thought about making a sympathy card, but then saw a really nice one in Woolies with a lovely verse. Bummer

Managed a bit of crafting, but really wasn't in the mood, made my swap card for this month, the theme was 'You've passed', or congratulations on passing... was hoping to come up with something witty, but it came down to an L plate! Did have another play with my post stamps, I'm slowly getting the hang of them. Also found a magazine with a lot of freebies in it, I'd forgotten I'd bought it! There was some white card, lovely papers and some toppers. Will have a play with it all tomorrow, when I will be in a better mood! Going to get hair cut as well.

Best hit the hay, think I'll have a hot choc.


sheffsue said...

Hi..just found your blog from CB forum (am registered but not posted yet) Loved reading it....lovely scrapbook pages..keep up the good work


Cass said...

Hi SheffSue, thanks, always nice to get feedback and compliments! Be brave and do post on the forum, they are a lovely bunch of people.

Take care


Joani said...

Great idea I must remember it when (if) my lads ever do their driving tests, it's soooo much easier to let mum & dad so all the running and upkeep of a car, I'm sure that's what they really so think!!:)