Monday, 11 February 2008

A sunny monday

I love this country, the weather is crazy! Two weeks ago it was freezing cold, snowy etc, now it is balmy, sunny and more like a spring day!

Today was: delivery day! New kitchen table and chairs were coming. I cleaned kitchen, living room and my bedroom, then dismantled old kitchen table, brother was supposed to be helping.... mmmm no sign, so I got out the saw and finished off the legs of the table. Packed lot into car and headed for recycling centre where a nice chap gave me a hand to tip stuff into skip.

Dunno why, possibly it was the nice chap at recycling centre, or the sunny day, but on drive back home I suddenly thought: I just want to potter. Don't want to have to go to work, just want to potter my way thru days, do my crafting, go for walks, just potter. Got home to find Argos van parked outside flat... 3 large flat packs were carried inside... mentally prepared myself for a long afternoon/week... had lunch, then opened first flat pack... JOY! Alls I had to do was attach legs to table.... chairs were a bit more involved, but only a little, so by 3.30 I had a table and four chairs. Back was complaining like mad, but while I could still move I got rid of the cardboard, more recycling... it is hard work being green! I was too tired, too sore and too stiff to think of doing any crafting, even tho I really need to finish a card. But I don't like crafting when I am tired, that's when I make mistakes. On upside new table and all chairs fitted into kitchen, leaving nice space behind settee, where one of the old set of chairs had sat for years.... Fab, at last I can buy something to store all the craft stuff! Some of it is stored in a plastic crate in living room, along with various other boxes, all containing either stamps, ink pads etc, plus tool box... I'd really been longing for something more permanent. Dunno whether to get a little cupboard, or small bureau.... have to ponder.

Pic - is of my half finished humming bird card. I used my new stencil along with the snow white embossing paste, easy peasy, just stick down stencil with low tac masking tape, apply paste, remove stencil and leave to dry, how easy is that! And you get a brilliant result. You can paint it, or as I've tried, use enamel powder on it - which gives a fantastic glossy result. Or you can mix the paste with poster paint. Going to finish off the card by mounting the image in an oval aperture card. Will try painting it next time, but just like it as it is this time round, used some blue pearlescent card, gives it a wedgewood look.

I'm building back up my stash nicely now, it was rather depleted. I like having a good range of cards, never know when you need a RAK card or something. Nice to just dip in and find what you want. Must tho build up the birthday cards...

Work tomorrow... :-(( YUK. Worse it is half term... library will be full of kids... double YUK. Most are okay, but there are exceptions, and it the exceptions I take exception to. Those who have no manners, are crude, rude and generally yobbish... and utterly selfish, like those we had last week, 12 going on 30, or so they thought... heading for big trouble at some point, and thinking it oh so clever to use crude language. My colleague was dealing with them, I was just back up, funny how it was my look of disgust that had more effect, big yob used a few more swear words but then got frustrated when we didn't react, instead we just gave her pitying looks. And no-one moan about them not having much to do, there is plenty for them to do if they would just engage their brain, they choose to be bored.

Well all that to look forward to tomorrow! I really would just like to go potter!

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