Thursday, 7 February 2008

I'm cream crackered

My day has been lonnnnng, started work at 9.a.m., and ended at 6 p.m. In between that boss when bonkes rearranging stuff, which meant moving piles of books, washing down shelves, fitting in other stuff she wanted doing yesterday... plus the small matter of serving customers. The icing on the the cake were the 3 foul mouthed young girls who sauntered in quite late, they immediately began swearing, messing around, so they got thrown out. Not literally, but oh boy is it tempting to get them by the scruff of the neck and just fling them out into the street.

So have aching back, sore feet and a yearning to never go back to work! The marzipan on the cake was being given a health survey to fill in, sent by our idiotic bosses, I took one look at it, got as far as: do you take skimmed milk, full fat milk or semi skimmed in your tea coffee and.... wrote on it 'Mind your own flaming business' stuffed it back in envelope and posted it back to them. I do not live to work, I work to live, my employers do not own me, my duty to them is only when I am at work, once I leave that building that is it. Our cleaner, who cleans quite a few of the offices said that most had either done what I had, or ripped it up and chucked it.

Anyway to craft stuff... the card. It is a bit of LMC and a bit of other stuff. I loved the flowers that came with one issue of LMC, they were so delicate, then I bought 5 books of A4 vellum from QVC... the flowers went perfectly with the vellum with circles, I used a yellow card, and attached the vellum with some pretty brads. I do remember making this card, I was just starting to get to grips with matting and layering, or at least managing to get it all in the right place - as in the centre. I'd just invested in a small paper cutter, that certainly made life easier, my new paper cutter has much improved my cutting, at least now the edges are straight, squares are squares!

There is something really cheering about the colour yellow, it was tho snaffled by a friend at work who'd been pestering me to bring in some cards, so I did and she then proceeded to buy 20 from me.

Was somehow prompted to give up something for Lent, did consider chocolate, but I don't eat much of it anyway, butter, again I don't have it on bread... so what to give up? Procrastinating! I've had my robo for quite a few months now and have barely got to grips with it, want to do much more with photoshop. But I found myself torn between learning how to use both and wanting to just craft... but learning how to use both properly will benefit my scrapbooking. So end of procrastinating, hopefully by Easter I will know my robo a bit better, and will be getting more out of photoshop.

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Cazzy said...

I know what you mean about those sequins - I just had to find and buy a bulk pack of them!