Wednesday, 20 February 2008

It's Definitely Wednesday!

I have an affinity with Wednesdays as it was the day I was born. But didn't get my leisurely day that I promised myself. Had planned to get usual morning chores, breakfast, washing up, get papers - out of way and settle into a day of crafting.... mmmm Mum told me that there had been a gas leak at top of high street, she was worried as she was going to hairdressers for a perm, and didn't know if the buses were still able to go down high street. Well you can't leave your mum floundering... so it was a rushed morning, and I HATE being rushed in the mornings, I need time (lots of it) to come to, several cuppas, a cigarette and a shower. I have never been able to just roll out of bed, hit shower, grab cup of tea and head off to work. Nope I need a lot of 'come to' time in order to function properly, even then I work on auto pilot - well if it is a work day I do, usually on work days auto pilot mode lasts until I finish work. My boss doesn't get it, she thinks you should be all cheery and smiley in the morning... yes well she can go bury herself in her office all day and thus escape contact with the great unwashed.

Anyway, by time I'd got mum sorted, got her to hairdressers, got other stuff done it was suddenly lunchtime and not a bit of crafting had been done! Did manage to watch a bit of C&C and within 10 minutes remembered why I don't watch C&C.... Will the presenters please stop being so flaming PATRONISING! I am not an idiot, I DO NOT need things spelled out to me! I felt like hurling something at the TV. It would also help if they all learned a few more words, broadened their vocabulary... and stop saying this is 'gorgeous' all the time... Luckily a sandwich and a cuppa or two sorted me out, got me calm enough to go scrapping.

Hence pic of Boston, not my moggy, just the latest in my series of moggy scrap pages, moggy pics come courtesy of my on line friends. I asked, they sent! My late cat used to place her paws just like that, probably all cats do, always found it funny to see Mufti with her 'paws crossed' and dangling over the chair edge - just wish I'd take a pic of her at the time.

As usual the page took me all afternoon, I had high hopes of scrapping a couple more pages, but it wasn't to be. Just the one page, took a while for me (as it does) to figure out the LO. No, no use in me using plans... I am very good at making plans, then I ignore them and go with my creative flow! I just like sensing what is right, what works etc. I'm not a planner, and never will be. I have tried, honest, but it just isn't for me. I get out my stuff, get the photo, have a long mull and... take it from there. So far it seems to be working.

Oh well, freedom over, back to work... yuck, and double yuck. Do not want to go to work... hate it, need new job... but with same pay... same holidays....


Cazzy said...

Love the LO Cass. One of the dogs was led on the settee resting his crossed paws on DHs leg, should have got a pic methinks!

Jane said...

Ooo I just want to reach out with my finger and touch that beautiful paw! Great LO, I love it when part pictures are used!