Sunday, 3 February 2008

Not a happy crafter :-((

Just posted a bit about my unhappy crafting day. Well bits of it were okay, managed another page of my cat scrapbook. Chose Boston, think the photo my friend sent me is fab, Boston has a very haughty look about him! The green card came from the Do Crafts goody bag, cut out the paw prints from another piece of card in the scrap kit, added those wiggly brackets, and then chose to use some black chipboard letters. Wanted to tear the green card, but it was too tough to tear with the tearing ruler, so I just drew the wobbly line and cut along it. Also used my paper cutter to clip all the corners so they were rounded off.

So that was a happy craft, as was the next bit, I opened up the goody bag to see what else was in it and found four lovely embossed cards. They were all different, chose one with two blanks, surrounded by flowers, put some sticky diamond shapes on the blank bits, then chalked over the embossed flowers, next I accented the flowers with some teeny tiny sticky pearls. So two successful bits of crafting... I was on a roll... or was I?

Wrong, picked up another of the cards, it had a blank oval in the middle, perfect I thought for some stencilling using the embossing paste. My hat lady stencil fitted the bill nicely, applying the paste went like a dream, no smudges, smooth as a baby's bottom, left it to dry then reapplied the stencil and blacked in the image with a brush marker pen. It looked good, but I felt it needed a touch of glossy accent, hadn't used mine in quite a while, unbunged it, but the bottle must have split at some point, I just managed to start adding it when I noticed it had dripped over the wrong part of the card... could I save it? Nooooo, it was beyond repair. A lot of chuntering and muttering! Usually I can manage a salvage job, but not this time, the blobs of unwanted glossy accent had fallen in the wrong place, half on and half off the embossing paste, so the black leached into the oval, a horrible sludgy grey! I chucked the bottle out.

Did realise tho that I need a good set of chalks, set I have is pretty useless, I just got them to 'have a try', rather than fork out for the more expensive set. Also need some more stencils. Since I wasn't bankrupted by the MOT I shall being indulgent and get some!

I'm really ticked off!

Thanks Cazzy for tagging me... I'll do the tagging tomorrow, think I have the gist of it, but think also that those in my favourites have already been tagged, will have to find a few more victims ;-))

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Cazzy said...

Amazing photo, and great layout! Do it when you don't have so many problems! (the tagging I mean) ..