Saturday, 2 February 2008

And then the sun shone

What a whacky week weatherwise, sleet, hail, wind (boy was it windy), freezing cold and today... a lovely sunny day, even the wind had disappeared.

Grumble: The Range. Since my local Craft Central was forced to close by our infinitely stupid council, I don't have a decent craft shop. There are craft shops, Paper Mill in Liverpool, but it hasn't got a good selection of craft stuff, and even less scrapbook wise, another independent shop in Southport, lovely owner, but you have to really search hard to find stuff, that is after you've done battle getting past the three swingers holding the peel offs placed not so conveniently by the door! I'm sure she is contravening DDA rules. The owner is a lovely lady, very helpful, just wish she would sort out the layout of her shop, it is a mish mash, stuff all over the place, you really have to ferret to find things. Then there is the Range, which used to have a decent range of craft stuff, but no longer. I was hard pushed to find anything. I had hoped to find some zoo animal peel offs or die cuts, they had nothing, well except for a really babyish set, which my oh so grown up 5 year old great nephew would NOT have appreciated. There were also five people standing in one aisle, blocking it, they were not looking at the stock, but simply chatting, me and another lady both tut tutted, nothing annoys me more than when people just block an aisle like that. I had to push my way past, I was polite, had said excuse me but the great oaf just carried on chatting to his mate while their wives conducted a separate conversation further down the aisle. So I got rude and barged my way thru! I did wonder why I'd just bothered to drive 12 miles... all for nothing. Well okay I came home with: spare blades for craft knife, some nice white silky emobossed card, good bag, some peel offs, and a chipboard set of shapes.

Latest pic is Sam, I posted a photo of his paw the other night. A couple of people have remarked on how I cut the photo, I did with the help of photo shop, I used the cookie cutter to give a star shape, then just cut it out. Dunno where I got the idea to crazily mat and layer the orange and green, plus photo, actually they sort of slipped, and I thought... mmm I like that. I added a few faux chipboard buttons and then a rub on paw print. Oh that was something I looked for in The Range, a paw print stamp... all they had was the same range of stamps they've had for the last 2 years!

Not a happy Saturday, in fact a discontented Saturday... will make up for it tomorow, exploding box, few pages of scrapping... and persuade robo to cut animal shapes...

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