Friday, 22 February 2008

Frosty sand

At last got to scrap my frosty sand pic! And once again some freebie stuff came in very handy! I used some dark blue brazzil card, then had a rummage and found some Winter paper from my Sara paper seasons book, but also some winter paper from a mag! Contemplated cutting out the snowflakes, then thought 'life is too short to stuff mushrooms', so used my compass cutter to cut round the large and small snowflakes, added a few more snowflakes with a stamp and a white brilliance stamp, dragged pad round edges of card, and across it in parts (doesn't really show on photo), then how to mount the photo, looked a bit 'nothing' all alone, so used the freebie winter paper, plus some dark blue paper, clipped the corners of photo, and card/paper. Like the 'wintertide' title, had a 'beach' feel to it, then used (at last) my chipboard set from QVC, to spell out Frosty - in the round, then Day below photo, finishing touches were some pearl gems, and a definition of Winter. Only took me two hours. Which is fast for me, usually spend far longer, mostly mulling and dithering, making cups of tea... resisting choc biscuits etc.

Now got my other unusual beach photo to scrap... hopefull tomorrow, tryinng for an Agatha Christ feel to it, which may or may not work. May employ the robo for the lettering, need an Art Deco feel to the page.

On subject of robo, 3 days and still waiting for my new DM licence, which I was told to apply for via the crafty club site, not that sure the link works. I am regretting buying DM, had I known about possible licence problems I would have saved my money. It is ridiculous, I got my new PC and then set about installing all my programs, Office, Frontpage, Adobe, Itunes... not a bit of bother, all registered and all working as they should. But with DM... forget it.. you have to jump thru hoops to get the licence, even tho I have supplied them with my receipt number etc. They told me to quote the number on the CD case, er, what number? There isn't any. Nor was there any instruction to make note of first licence number, I assumed that once I was registered that would be it, as it usually is with most programs, in fact 99.9 per cent of programs... typical then that the robo, not the easiest of beasts to get to grips with, should also prove problematical software wise.

Frankly I care not whether they send me the new licence or not, I'm saving my pennies for the new KNK program, which has no licence issues. Wish I'd gone for this in the first place and saved myself some grief. To Graphtec, people DO replace their computers, they DO from time to time have to perform full reinstalls, so why make your customers jump thru unnecessary hoops to get your software to work!

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