Sunday, 17 February 2008

A lovely day

Had a lovely lie in, oh it was soooo warm and cosy in bed! But forced myself to get up and out. And I was rewarded, was hoping that I would get some 'frosty' pics, this one I took as I got up onto the beach, the sun had only just reached this part of the sand, but there was plenty of frost left to make for a fab photo. A bit further on I spotted an unusual piece of wood, well a tree trunk really, will post that pic tomorrow, it reminded me of a dismembered torso... too much CSI! I enjoy getting on the beach early, before too many folk are around, it's nice and peaceful. It was cold, but not windy, so I had an enjoyable amble along the beach.

Bit worried tho, as now my back is really aching, wasn't expecting it to protest this much, usually walking helps... have a sense of deja vu.... back problems looming again! Not what I want, or need. Will try another walk tomorrow and see what happens.

Rewarded myself with a bacon butty when I got in, and a nice hot cuppa, well make that two! Then I put together my new storage unit for my stash, a plastic set of drawers, but very spacious and deep. Got loads in it, all my card stock, pre cut cards, tools, chalks, brushmakers, stamps, stamp pads... was amazed at how much I got into it, and still have space. May get another set, once the housing association give us our new heating system I'll be able to store everything in the old airing cupboard, think I can fit two of these storage systems in there. Would like another to take the scrapbook stuff, then I can use my scrapbook papermania cases for ongoing projects.

Did manage some crafting, in spite of my aching back, finished off three cards, the dufex card, butterfly embossed card and hot air balloon card. Sadly the scans haven't done them justice, will try photographing them instead. Also got some more work done on an exploding box, bit of a work in progress, it is to be a retirement box for a colleague, so I want to take my time over it.

Not happy with my DM software, or the Craft robo, not sure either is installing as it should. Getting help is a long winded affair, yes I could pick up the phone, but I refuse to pay for any support, my feeling is that I paid for the software so the support should be free. So it is all down to e-mails... and graphtec is not a 24/7 company! I think the software was rushed, I am well used to installing software, and using a computer... but this program is not very user friendly. I got told to look for a serial number on the 'flash' intro.... there is no number! There is also NO number on the disc or case it came in! The person I have been dealing with at graphtec has been helpful, but it took a week to get the licence file, now the stupid program says I need to install a security device, oh please! How come my printer works fine, without the need for added security devices? And what a faff to get the licence file, sending e-mails, having to download zip files, copying them to folders... er, we are in the 21st Century! Not even Microsoft has stretched my patience this far!

Well I feel better for 'sharing'! :-))

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Cazzy said...

I have never seen a frozen beach, great photo Cass! I had a few probs installing DM, and now I have re-istalled it after PC probs I have no idea if it still works, I think it does, I should try it!