Tuesday, 5 February 2008

A much better day

First, apologies to the taggers, I had a long think about it, realised that those whose blogs I've got on my site have already been tagged... and, as I said got a lot on my plate right now. My mum needs a hip operation, and so I am chief cook and bottle washer. Today I cleaned the oven, did the ironing, did some shopping... finally sat down at 2pm to watch QVC craft show, and did some crafting!

I don't seem able to catch up with myself at the moment, so just want to come here and just blog. Plus visit the other blogs to see what you're all up to, and see the photos, as I can't see them on the CB forum. Could on the old forum, but not on the new one! Don't think I'm the only one either.

Had some fun making my nephew's birthday card, which was immediately snaffled by mum! And that's why I've just been scouring cardcraft plus for other boy stuff, found a great racing car topper kit. I had intended to make a pop up card, but couldn't quite figure it out, think I'll have to go and search for a template. So did some tearing, and cutting, and put on some digger vehicles, he is car mad. Then made a get well card for a friend, next cut out an exploding box, just been doing some dry embossing to go on the inside of it, just now need my new chalk kit to come! Also treated myself to a few other bits, some stencils, sentiments CD (getting tired of trawling the net for sentiments), some gorgeous vellum butterflies - can't resist butterflies!

I've been dithering about buying the TSV, then checked my scrapbook stuff, can't really justify another album. Then thought about buying nice alphabet set, then turned to the robo and designed my own. All in all a much better craft day, everything at least turned out as it should do!

Only the lunchtime shift to get thru tomorrow, back to more ironing - did a pile of laundry today! If it were down to me I'd just iron stuff as I needed it, but that drives mum mad, so if I leave it she'll try to do it and end up in a lot of pain, plus she'll end up doing her impression of a statue as she stiffens up.

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