Monday, 4 February 2008

Muddling Mondsay - and please no tagging

Ever had one of those days when you wish ought to have stayed in bed? I did, actually all us staff at the library felt the same. After exchanging notes we discovered we'd all woken up early, had just managed to drift back into the land of nod only for our alarms to go off... My boss stepped into her shower switched it on and... nothing. Meanwhile I was not even 3 quarters awake, yet having to get stuff done that my mum can no longer manage (only cos she is in dire need of a hip replacement), trying to get myself ready for work, make packed lunch, dash to corner shop for milk and papers... finally get to head off to work only to find that the car needed de-icing. Got to work, five minutes late, found boss was only just ahead of me, but not happy as she'd not had a shower, was having a bad hair day... and no sign of other colleague... Boss and I managed to half get our acts together to get the library ready for the great unwashed... I made mistake counting cash, boss dropped table... boss recounted cash, I rescued table. Other colleague staggered in, she had been waiting 45 mins for a bus, had hurt her shoulder... off she went to make a much needed cuppa for us all... we heard an anguised cry - NO MILK! So we glared at junior member of staff who had just pitched up, he took the hint and dashed out to get the milk. Junior member of staff had over done it with his new Wii console, and had a sore shoulder.

Just as we were gratefully sipping our cuppas, we got a phone call from hubby of now retired member of staff, she'd undergone emergency surgery for a serious neck injury - which the NHS had ignored for 12 months, fobbing her off with useless physio and cortisone injections. She'd paid for a private consult, consultant ordered a scan and, took one look at scan results and booked her in for emergency surgery.

We all thought: what else can go wrong? Well it was a case of what ever could go wrong, did go wrong. Plus lots of ultra thick customers who couldn't log onto computers, only cos they weren't punching in the right numbers. I mean it isn't rocket science.... all they have to do is type in their library card number, plus pin number. One extremely thick woman had tried to log on to 3 computers, so I took her card, and logged her on first go... She does the same thing every flaming time!

Then at 2.30 I ask chap if I can help him and what does he say: I got a canal boat, where do you want it? Hey, what - canal boat? Er.... luckily he meant a model canal boat, tho was a huge model, all 12 foot of it! More ultra thick customers.... next one that books a flight with Easy Jet and then comes over and asks where their e-mail from Easy Jet is will be punched! These dumbos think that Easy Jet and the like send the e-mails to the library.... er.... how do they survive on two brain cells.... Same goes for those who set up an e-mail account, and ignoring advice from Yahoo or whoever, plus us, fail to write down the pertinent details, of account name and password... then try to blame us cos they can't access their e-mail account. I flatly refuse to help them, our rule is: you have to know how to use the PC, if not, then go away. We have neither the time or sufficient staff to nursemaid anyone thru setting up an e-mail account or on how to surf the internet.

And sadly, I don't have the time or inclination to participate in the tagging thing. Sorry, not my thing. I should have said 'not to tag' me. Please don't, as I don't have the time to take part in those sorts of things.

I'm happy to include links to other blogs, I will pick them up from the CB site. All I ask is that you reciprocate.

Sorry don't mean to be a party pooper, but I am caring for my mum, working and caring for my own bad back. Hope you understand

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