Friday, 29 February 2008

Leap Year Day

First, thankyou Tassie. Will pop back to your blog for a longer read after posting this. Also added you to my list of faves.

It's been one of those weeks, first I almost get shaken out of bed by the earthquake, my Ipod battery was flat, went to use mobile phone that too was dead as a dodo..... and today - someone bumped into my car :-( The guilty party did come and tell me, and immediately offered to pay for damage. Fortunately there was no major damage, just a smallish dent and some scraped paintwork, but garage said it will cost around £200. Was annoyed, the chap reversed into me as he backed out of his drive, wounldn't mind but it is a wide road, there was no traffic, and still he manages to hit my car!

So in need of a cheer up, I fished out one of my pics of City Walks in Universal (Los Angeles), taken outside the Hard Rock cafe. Did venture in, and immediately left, the music was so LOUD - you couldn't hear yourself think, let alone hold any sort of conversation.

I did have a play with my LMC mag today, flicked thru wondering what to make... settled on a pop up card... but got myself into a tizz with it, so left it (to be finished tomorrow), then spotted the star card... so got going on that! Almost finished, just got a few more bits and bobs to put on it... did my own thing in the end, decorating wise. Had a good look at all the bits and bobs, love them! The papers are so pretty, and the die cuts are adorable. Then suddenly it was time to think about cooking dinner, Haggis, Tatties and neeps... yes I know Burns night was last month, but I forgot all about it, so made up for it today.

Got to find a present for mum tomorrow.... have made her card, tho realised today that it is missing one vital thing: Happy Mother's Day! Made a waterfall card, to spell out Mother. Want to try a waterslide card, saw them making one on C&C the other day.

Right off to do a blog catch up!

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