Sunday, 10 February 2008

A pea souper

Ever flung opened the curtains and wondered: where did the world go? It was like that here this morning, I'd heard the fog horn going, so knew it was foggy, just didn't realise HOW foggy. We had about 20 yards visibility on the road, so how come most drivers didn't have their lights switched on? How do these people manage with just two brain cells? Had a severe 'grrrrr' moment, in fact a very severe 'grrrrr' moment in the supermarket, when I came close to spitting the dummuy and wrenching the phone which appeared to be welded to a male idiot. He was at the tobacco counter, phone welded to ear, not taking a blind bit of notice of sales assistant who had already told him how much his purchases had come to, four times she tried, finally - before us 3 customers keel hauled him, she shouted at him. Why do people do that? Why are some people slaves to their phones? It rings and they just HAVE to answer it... why? 9 times out of 10 it is a trivial call, and if it is important they will ring back. I now refuse to serve anyone who is conducting a mobile phone conversation... I left one woman to it a few weeks ago, then she had the temerity to tap loudly on the counter to get my attention.... I just looked at her, she tried to make an issue out of the fact that I'd walked away. I told her I wasn't paid enough to put up with rudeness... She was gobsmacked.

I do have a mobile phone, it is for emergencies only, a pay as you go.... and most of the time it is switched off. I have survived this long without a mobile.... I am frankly sick of them and the utterly naff ring tones.... the naffer it is the more stupid you look. As for using them while driving - are you thick, do you have a death wish? Someone nearly crashed into me in a car park, he was too engrossed in his mobile phone conversation to be bothered to notice what was happening around him... oh and I was on foot. I banged on his damn bonnet, he swore at me, I swore at him and then refused to move. So he was stuck, another woman joined me and was in sympathy with me, as was the grumpy old man who passed by... all in all idiot was outnumbered by us outraged types.

and then there is my crafting... ! Had happy afternoon playing with my new stash. I used my new cat stamp, see pic! Just kept it simple, inked it with a black ink pad, stamped onto pale blue pearlescent card, then used the enamel powder. First time I had used the powder, so wasn't sure what to expect, but loved the effect, really glossy and detailed. I just added a few more layers, some more pearlescent card and mirri card, that was enough. Glad now I went for that stamp, there were quite a few moggy stamps to choose from, most quite comical... but I like this one. Made two more cards, dry embossed a stencil, of a humming bird, then used the embossing paste on it, will post pics during the week. Also used the embossing paste for a birthday card, but then decided to experiment, once the paste had dried I reapplied the stencil, then dabbed a clear versamark pad over the image, then sprinkled over the enamel powder, got a lovey deep effect.... then cut out image... my intention is to make it look like Wedgewood... halfway there. Also used my bogof rolls of ribbon, it is nice to use, crimped, and in nice pastel shades. Oh and had a play with my post stamps, need a bit more practice, but enjoyed having a dabble.

Award for plonker of the week goes too: the wally in the van, on the A565, whose exhaust was hanging by a thread, and rather than pull over and tie up exhaust, or pull it off, decided to crawl along with four way flashers going, at 15 miles an hour, at midday.... causing a mile long tail back of traffic, already struggling with heavy fog.... You were an absolute idiot, I just hope you were spotted by a police car and got what you deserved.

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Cazzy said...

Yep, I came across idiots with no lights too, how they didn't hit me as I was trying to get onto the A36 as they speeded towards me unseen until the last minute I don't know!

Glad you stood up to the phoner, shame some of the multitude of police weren't around to lock him up!

Is it Enamel magic you are using Cass? I have some but not used it yet apart from in a workshop at a show!