Thursday, 21 February 2008


Pic - me messing with my post/peg stamps. Wouldn't have got started with them had it not been for a reluctant stamper who bought a set at a craft fair, then started playing with them. I'd seen the stamps, but had veered away from them, looked like they were a bit 'involved', as they are, but once you start getting to grips with them they are a lot of fun. Not quite there yet, but getting there. Other bits and bobs on card came courtesy of a freebie in a mag I'd forgotten I had, just came across it in a sort out and found all these lovely garden toppers.

All that was two days ago, now I am back at work :-( Not where I want to be at all. Luckily today was quiet, no oiks, no horrible kids... well just one, but he slunk off once he was nabbed in his illegal use of using his friend's computer log on. Just tho wish to know, when did it become easy and permissable for children to lie? Some of the children I deal with lie so easily, and so blatantly it is scary. The said child is a case in point, I have lost count of the times we have caught him pretending to be someone else, yet he stands there and denies it.... then once he realises that the game is up, he just saunters off.

And then at lunch time, I felt the need for a little walk to the shopping centre, well to see if Smiths had any new craft mags. Anyway as I was sauntering thru I saw a gang of college kids, all doing the construction course judging by their dress.... but oh their language! It was disgusting, loud enough for all to hear. It made me cringe. And then two young women, nicely dressed, pretty but sadly what emanated from their mouths let them down. I do despair of young people at times, and have berated one of my nephews for using foul language. I'm no saint, I can utter a few blue words, but I would never drop such words into my every day language, I let rip when someone cuts me up on the road... Sadly far too many of our young people think that certain swear words are acceptable, and use them liberally. All it does is show how narrow your vocabulary is.

Not going to mention work, if I did well, this post would run to several pages. Suffice to say that, yes, the lunatics are now in charge of the asylum.

Need to find a new pasture to go graze in methinks. May get some crafting in tomorrow, dithering over whether to do the supermarket shop so that will leave me with Sunday free for a walk and crafting.... mmmmm - need a cuppa

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Cazzy said...

You are like me, I found a freebie inside a magazine when trying to clear some out the other week!

Going to bed now, should go earlier really!