Monday, 25 February 2008


The pic is one of my 'quick' cards from yesterdays crafting session, liked the sentiment! I got the epoxy flowers in a Christmas present, so yep, it was dead simple to put together. But my card stash is now sufficiently boosted, think there is now enough in there to last me a couple of months.

I do now prefer scrapbooking to card making. With scrapbooking I feel that I am 'crafting', nice to make up stuff for the pages, using the robo, or just cutting shapes, or just generally having a mess with stuff and seeing what happens. My family keep nagging me to sell my cards... they just don't get it! I just like to be creative, I don't want to be put under pressure to make cards, it would then stop being enjoyable. The only time of year I sell cards is Christmas, partly to raise funds to buy more stuff and partly for charity. But it does become a chore. So I'm glad I started scrapbooking, something my family don't really understand, and fortunately none see how I could earn any money from it, not that I want to.

I am dithering over whether to apply for a new job... half filled in the application form. Problem is the job is full time, I don't want (or need) to work full time, all my friends say to apply, and if I get it, work full time for a few months then turn it into a job share... dunno, stuff like that doesn't always work out. I'd still be working in libraries, but as a reference librarian, so less involved with thugs and yobs! Got a week to send in the form... will keep dithering!

Finally got a reply from graphtec, and with it another licence file... I uninstalled DM! Can I be bothered to try again? I'm not impressed with the service, true I did get an apology, but no reference to my polite 'rant'. But not sure I can be bothered to go thru it all again, or see why it has to be so complicated. Hey ho... I'll see how I feel tomorrow.

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