Friday, 15 February 2008

Stress Free Friday

First, thank you Cazzy! You are a real friend. I do feel a deep sense of gratitude to my cyber buddies, 'listening' to my moans and groans and always being there for me. Makes a girl feel much, much better.

Today tho was my stress free day, a morning of cleaning, amazing how therapuetic it can be, especially when you're being paid to do it. But nice sense of satisfaction of having entered a room that is dusty, in chaos, leaving it in good order. My 'lady' who I clean for is also a friend, and a very understanding one, I told her that I'd have to leave early, had to be back home by 1pm as windscreen was to be replaced sometime between 1 and 6... At 2pm windscreen man rang to say he'd be with me at 3 ish... he'd just got on the road... mmmm. Not blaming him, he's the workman, but do blame whoever it was that had overloaded him with work. He arrived just after 3 and got on with job, did offer him a cuppa, but he turned it down. Left him to it and got on with my relaxing afternoon of playing with new goodies, my new stencils and chalks, plus my dufex decoupage... still have no idea how I came to order that.

I carefully watched the supplied DVD that came with my chalking set, good thing I did as you needed to apply the chalks in a certain way. So dry embossed my flower stencil on some white pearlescent card then applied the chalks... what fun! Scan isn't doing the softeness of the chalks justice. The result just needs to be matted and layered on to a card. Half made a second card using a butterfuly corner stencil, again using the chalks, but then got stumped as to how to finish it off. Hey ho.... an idea will crop up somewhere. Think it either needs a nice flourishy Happy Birthday or Thankyou to finish it off, neither of which I have!

Then doorbell rang, windscreen man had finished, he did a great job, no mess, and so now I have a gleaming windscreen. So Lil Red, as my corsa is called, now has a new windscreen, new wing mirror, she has been serviced... so she needs to start avoiding trouble! I'm sure she has a penchant for men in grubby overalls.... I've promised her a corsa toy if she stays out of trouble. Com 'on - you've seen the ad, well the toys in the ad are available in all good Halfords shops!

Went back to my crafting, cut out a dufex decoupage of a 'ladee' and then blow me, it was time to stop, clear away and cook dinner. Ribs if you must now, with white cabbage, and spuds - delicious! Noooo, not spare ribs, ribs, as in slowly cooked in pan for an hour or so. And I am odd, as I love cabbage. Oh and sprouts, in fact any veg. Well not spinach, and can't STAND celery!

An afternoon of crafting, two glasses of wine = a chilled out al dente cassidy!

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Cazzy said...

That's o.k. hunny! The chalks sound interesting, with a DVD.

I have just "won" some chalk Zig pens on Ebay, and a ton of stamps from the USA - I am buying stamps like they are going out of fashion! Waiting for the seller to get back, she said she would sell me a stamp I wanted that I was outbid on for $8 dollars, by adding it to the sellers fees, it went for over $13 so I am happy but she also said I could fit one or maybe two more stamps in the package - waiting to hear if the one I want will fit!