Sunday, 24 February 2008

Sloooow Sunday

Just had one of those slow days... weather was grungy, and it was raining in the morning, so no chance of a nice walk. Off to supermarket - first gripe, idiot who undertook me at lights and raced off... only to get caught up in the heavy traffic ahead - LOL. Then blasted roadworks... do they ever, every STOP repairing/digging roads! It must be a man thing... But that particular stretch of road is dug up every few weeks, and of course you never see anyone working...

Usual moans and groans about supermarket shopping... still fail to see why some see it as a family day out! Nearly ran over one child who appeared from nowhere, a 2 year old left to run about in a busy supermarket, the mother must be nuts. But had the biggest laugh at the check out, I always take bags with me, got a nice array of bags for life, so when assistant apologised as there were no 'bag's' laughed, said no problem, got my own, and that they shouldn't be giving any bags away. No shop in Ireland will give you a bag, you must provide your own. I'm sick of seeing people stuff a couple of items in a bag then grab another one... truly wasteful. Those flimsy bags are made from oil... and there ain't a lot of oil left. So buy the 'bags for life' and keep one with you. That's my eco bit! Anti medical lot bit - stop moaning at us! You got your way with cigarettes, just knew that you would then turn to alcohol, and you have... just push off, leave us sensible drinkers alone. Besides, the worst people for drinking are junior doctors! I'm just sick of being got at, when will these people be happy? When there are no pubs, no booze anywhere, no fast food outlets... Well to upset you, I have a nice glass of red wine, and have just enjoyed a bacon buttie!

Did buy the Let's Go Crafting mag, dunno why, just fancied a treat. Some nice ideas in the mag, but oooh, what lurid coloured cards! A bit ''in your face". Got mag out, thought about making a few of the ideas and... did my own thing! Just made up some quick cards, like the 'Just A Note', a bit of vellum with music notes on it, yellow paper, plain white card and large chipboard musical note - can't get any easier. There were some ideas in the mag that I'm keen to adapt, but wasn't really in the mood for too much creativity, so stuck to simple.

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Cazzy said...

Nice note card! I bought that mag for a treat but didn't think a lot of it, but it may be the one before!

Bags - I have a boot full, try not to get any plastic ones but sometimes they are just too quick for you! I have been known to give them back!

Sometimes I just forget to take them in, I always remember in Tesco, unless in DHs car - he won't carry bags but I have two cotton fold up ones in my handbag now, but Asda - I just never remember until the checkout which is too late but I am trying, did it Saturday!